I am David Burnett, a professional and dedicated snorkeler. I love to do snorkeling and frankly, snorkeling is the only thing that entertains me more than anything.

I want to share my wisdom and experience of best snorkel gear so that it may help you to find suitable snorkel set.

Why Best Snorkel Gear Reviews?

It happened when one of neighbor seeking my help to buy a good snorkel gear. This time, I got an idea. There’re may be many people like my neighbor  who needs a buying guide or some authentic information about snorkel gear. So I intend to write reviews that contain original information.

What will you get here?

Watersportsadvisor.com is my website where I publish my best snorkel gear reviews. I provide here individual snorkel parts reviews and snorkeling guideline as well. Here I express my opinions and best ideas that I learned by experience. I believe my reviews help you to be up-to-date with latest and best snorkel gear.

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Happy Snorkeling!

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