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Miami is renowned to the land of sunshine, amazing sunsets and surfing. Just thinking about it conjures up image of beach umbrellas, beach volleyball and snorkeling fanfare. Many people visit Miami to bake in the sun, party at night and even enjoy some of the sights has to offer. There are several attractions in Florida from fine dining restaurants to art deco museums.  In this article I will tell how you can get best snorkeling experience in Miami.

While Miami is known to offer sandy beaches where people spend hours lounging, in the sea exists the third largest barrier reef in the world. It is home to amazing fish species as well as the coral reef.

Want to have a look at these amazing great sites? The only way you can get to experience this is by going under the blue Atlantic Ocean. You may be asking how this will be possible. Via snorkeling and snorkeling boat tours of course.

Snorkeling Boat Tours

miami snorkeling boat tour

In order get started with snorkeling, you need to hire a boat. Not only is it a great way to fell the wind on your face as the boat travels on the ocean but you get to local some of the best snorkeling sports along Miami.

Majority of companies that offer snorkeling boat tours have come up with attractive packing designed to fit every tourist budget as well as allow them to have fun. A guide is a provider to ensure that everything goes as planned.

The guides are highly trained, highly experienced and well equipped to ensure you get to have fun as well snorkel at the best spots.

Where to snorkel in Miami


Snorkeling is Florida is one of the best matches for those who are looking for a fun and recreational activity they can do. Thanks to snorkeling, one can get to discover and experience what the aqua blue Atlantic Ocean kissing the coast of Florida has to offer.

The diverse native wildlife, the coral reef and the water not only provide an educational moment but they also allow one to escape the oppressive heat.
Here are snorkeling sports you are bound to enjoy.

  • Emerald Reef
  • Half Moon underwater archaeological site
  • Pennecamp Park
  • Lou Key
  • Coral Cove Park
  • Biscayne National Park
  • Bear Cut Preserve

Where To Stay in Miami

It can be quite a daunting task to select the best place to stay when vacationing in Miami as there are many places that cater for different people. Majority of travelers who vacation in Miami don’t know where to start when it’s comes to seeking a place to stay.

This is especially so far new people visiting the region for the first time. When it comes to selecting the place to stay when vacationing in Miami, you don’t have to choose only one place for the entire duration. As a tourist, it is important to sample and experience what different locations have to offer.

The beach is a great place as you get o have an amazing few of the sea and the beach but there are other places that offer stunning views. Here is where to stay when in Miami.

  • Faena Hotel Miami Beach
  • The Setia
  • Carillon Miami Beach
  • The Betsy-South Beach
  • COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach
  • Nautilus
  • W South Beach
  • The Shepley Hotel
  • Z Ocean Hotel South Beach.
  • The Redbury South Beach
  • Angler’s Miami South Beach Kimpton Hotel
  • La Flora

How To Get There

how to get there

If you are traveling by air, Miami International Airport is the main gateway to the city and its located seven miles from Downtown Miami. It is easy to commute to the city via the airport.

There are cheap flights which can be booked via a travel agent close to you. There are over 49 domestic and international airlines which fly in and out of Miami. You can also plan a road trip with your friends or family members.

It is a chance of sites seeing and attractions along the way depending on the direction you have originated from. Furthermore, you can get to learn more about the many different towns, cities and states along the way.

To get around the city, you have many options. From the airport, you can rent a car which will provide an easy transportation mode. You can also opt for taxis via booking app likes Uber and Lyft. They can drive you to any hotel, restaurant or beach or beach location.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, the Miami-Dade Transit is a reliable bus transportation service which eliminates the hassle of rental cars and taxis.

Snorkeling Safety and Tips


Snorkeling is a little bit risky sport and it is wise to ensure in order to safe. Here are safety tips you need to know:-

  • Never do it alone. Have an experienced guide or buddy with you
  • Always stay close to the shore
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Avoid provoking marine life
  • Ensure your equipment is good
  • Prepare yourself well- use sunscreen, stay hydrated and stay within your skill zone
  • Have a first aid kit. Should include peroxide, aspirin and bandage
  • Never snorkel when drunk.

Final Verdict

Miami is a water lover’s paradise and there are endless opportunities one can get to interact with not along the coastline but in the ocean too. This is where snorkeling comes in. It offers a tourist the chance of visiting the coral reef and get to interact with rocks, marine life and plants.

The services offered are affordable and they allow one to experience something great. Looking for the best snorkeling service? I recommend you buy our best snorkeling in Miami.

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