Best Spots for Fishing and Snorkeling in Hawaii

Check out all these great fishing and snorkeling spots in Hawaii. There is nothing like Hawaii beach and water.

Hawaii includes all kind of fishing and snorkeling spots for all skill level of fishers and snorkelers. All over sparkling aqua water with a whole new world of underwater sea life are waiting for you here.

It is full of different spices of fish, sea turtle, eels, dolphins, urchins, corals and so on. In here you will found some rare species that could not explain they found anywhere around the world.

Best Spots for Fishing and Snorkeling in Hawaii:

In this article, you are going to know about all the popular location of fisher and snorkeling spots of Hawaii. However, before that, let’s start knowing about some snorkeling safety tips and tricks.

Some snorkeling safety & tips :

Snorkeling could be the most fun adventure if you are prepared with some safety and caution. So all Snorkel folks be prepared with all these simple but essential aspects like,

  • Swim with your friends or in groups. Helps others and you will get theirs in emergencies.
  • Before going into the water, always observe the current, surf, undertow & surgeon rocks and reefs.
  • Avoid swimming ageist the current. Better to swim crosswise across the current.
  • Pack you first aid box with peroxide, aspirin, and tobacco. It is not for smoking. Tobacco prevents stings from the body. Be aware of black sea urchin.
  • Avoid murky water or snorkeling in dawn lights.
  • When you are on the beach, always use sun blocks, but there is no need to use it while you are going into the water. Apparently, it will wash off away. You can use a swim cap for sun protection.
  • Don’t push your comfort level and skill to experiment or only being curious. Not even your partners too.
  • Use a well-fitted mask, fins for your snorkel.
  • Finally, watch, observe as much you want under the sea but don’t touch the marine life. It is for your own good and also the sea life.

Hanauma Bay, Oahu:

This is one of the crowded yet popular snorkeling spot for all the tourist and fishers. In the Hanauma Bay, you will have all clear, warm and calm water for fishing or swimming. When you are swimming or snorkeling, there are plentiful and friendly fish will swim around you.

Both deep and shallow water you will see dozens of species fish on the bay water. If you are novice snorkeler and want to stay safe, you can go in shallow inner Hanauma Bay.

Moreover, those are experienced more, can take the passage through the reef to go in Witch’s Brew or other external reef areas. The Witch’s Brew is a turbulent cove which is full of surprises like, coral, fish swarm, shrimp, etc.

How to get there – Rout 72, Kalanianaole Highway to Koko’s head.

Molokini Crater, Maui:

This snorkeling location is little different from all. Here you have to get access by speed boat. In Molokini you will found Two hundred-fifty different species of fish swimming in the water.

This sunken volcanic crater has the clearest and fascinating view from bottom to top. Even up to 150 feet deep you will see all the underwater scenic beauty clearly.

How to get there- three miles off the Maui coast area.

Kapalua Bay, Maui:

There is a beautiful warm and sandy beach name Kapalua Bay on the north side or Maui. This location is also good for beginners due to its clear and calm water. With the fish and other water, species sea turtle will hang with you while snorkeling.

How to get there – Drive 30 min to Napoli Plaza before the turn to the Napilihau Street. Turn right when you are in Napilihau Street’s Lower Honoapiilani Road.  Now drive a mile to Napoli Kai Beach Club and move on to the “Shoreline Access” sign.

Anini Beach, Kauai:

It is the largest reef on Kauai and mostly very shallow in parts. It is best for swimming, camping, paddling, fishing and also the snorkeling. This location is also ideal for exploration of underwater beauty. The Anini is best for mostly the experienced snorkelers.

However, beginners can also try the place and be aware of outgoing tides. They could be dangerous sometimes.

How to get there- At first, take the root 56 of Kuhio Highway north to the northern of Kalihili road. Then turn right and then left to until you reached Anini road.

Pearl Haber, Oahu:

In here you will find fishes like Samoan, crabs, ladyfish, greenjack and also the colorful goat fish. Like the snorkel, pearl herbal is best for pair fishing. Couple fishing attracts the fish underneath the rock, suggest by Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation.

Kahuku Point, Oahu:

Kahuku is located in a small town in northeastern shore of Oahu. It is one of the favorite fishing spots for local fishers and also the tourist.

However, this place is spot suitable for swimming like our other spots. There is lots of limestone shelf and rocky ocean floor that make your swing or paddling almost impossible.

So swing is not famous her like the fishing. That is the reason it is a heaven for fish and also for the fishers. Don’t forget to grab your meal pack before going Kahuku point.

Final verdict :

These are some basic but popular spots in Hawaii. In here you can fish without the saltwater fishing license except for some places.

Because of the Hawaii includes so many areas of coastline, you will found countless spots for shoreline fishing and snorkeling. If you are going for fishing, always keep extra spear parts with your necessary rod, line, and beats including the oil or lubricants.

Keep 2/3 extra bottle of water while you are in the fishery or snorkeling trips. When you are working under the sun for a long time, you will dehydrate in no time.

That may cases serious health problem sometimes. So be prepare for all your necessary stuff tell your buddies also to maintain them this way and start our journey to the best fishing and snorkeling spots in Hawaii.

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